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The Balance of Quality & Convenience

Google just dropped the Street View minimum quality of 360 photos from 12mp to 7mp. That doesn't mean you should. Now, a number of hobbyists and amateurs using their phones are getting listed. New smart phones have great quality, but are prone to stitching errors when used to simulate a true 360 camera that is dedicated for panoramic photos.


Just take a minute to look at the Street View app and look at popular places like Disneyland. I bet you will find decapitated heads & dismembered limbs. These atrocious, unsightly photo spheres are uploaded by amateurs that actually take 5 minutes to spin around in public (I don't know why), using the Street View app to take 12 photos which will inevitably have stitching errors. I challenge you to try the app and get a usable 360 photo. And the scariest part? Some of these users have actually become Street View Trusted. If you hire a Street View photographer without looking at their portfolio, and they come into your business and start spinning around with their cell phone, go slap yourself.

And at the other end of the spectrum, you have people using full DSLR cameras, easily charging over $1000, and I don't blame them. They have to go back home, manually stitch together 12 photos to get each 360 shot using 3rd party software, move the photos onto a smartphone to upload them to the Street View app, and then connect the 360 photos together so they can be used as a virtual tour. This takes about 2 hours of at-home editing for every hour of shooting [Source]. But if most of your visitors are on mobile screens and 1080p monitors at home, is it really worth your $1000? if you think so, go slap yourself.

StreetGlimpse is the sweetspot between cost, convenience, and quality.