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How did I get into Google Street View?

I can’t say I previously worked for Google as a Street View driver. And I’m "not" saying that now...


Hypothetically though if I did, Google would probably have a strict 20+ page, painstakingly detailed non-disclosure agreement restricting me from ever speaking of it or representing myself as a former Street View Driver, especially to use that as marketing for my own private Street View photography business.


With all that said and out of the way, I'll say I worked for an undisclosed multinational search engine conglomerate map project that gives people a VIEW from the STREET. (You can read my blog for mine and my coworkers' stories from driving for this map company)

How did Street Glimpse arise?

Anyway, those mapping times were some of the greatest times I had. I made memories I will never forget. I literally do not look at the world the same. Every part of this Earth is beautiful and has a unique story to tell. That's why it pained me when I could not drive down private streets and parks, beautiful private driveways, select landmarks, or take 360 pictures inside businesses even if the property owner was begging me to do so.

No, I couldn't do it as an employee of this large corporate entity that has already had multiple troubles with privacy issues. (I couldn't even take pictures at public state parks unless the company was 1000% sure it was okay) They would not take a chance on my word that someone gave me their word to take pictures of privately owned businesses and property, but the strange thing was I could easily do it as an individual. Heck, as an individual, I could get it listed on Google Maps without the business owner's permission at all. Google uses this privacy loophole to relieve themselves of the liabilities of Street View for business by creating a network of independent Street View Trusted Photographers for private hire, which is exactly what Street Glimpse is now.

The Fine Print

I must not represent myself in a way that suggests I am or was formerly employed by Google. Street Glimpse is a fully independent business entity, and I clearly communicate to all clients & visitors of Google’s limited role as a publishing service.. Did I mention I was "not" previously a Street View driver in the Orange County California area last year? If I was, that would just be an interesting fact and not misleading people into thinking I work for Google.

That is me. That is what may or may not be a Google Street View Car. That is all.